A20 Call to Action: Citizens, Artists, Bikers, Activists, Performers, Direct-Actionistas, Musicians, Thinkers, Do-ers, Chefs, Culture Jammers, Shinanegan Makers, And All Who Care About Planet Earth and the Streets We Travel On

We want you! To join in for the August 20th day of mass community action on the streets of San Francisco… And do it like we’ve never done–well, we’ve done a lot here, so let’s do it like we haven’t done in a long time!

On August 20th, we will make a People Spill onto the streets at Fell and Divisadero. Fix Fell is organizing a diverse presence for the event, and we want you – actually we NEED you – all of you – with all of your energy and presence.

What do you want to bring? …A banner?  A band? A poem? A piece of direct action? Do you want to speak? Perform? Street theatricalize? Hand out cookies? Schmooze? Chant? Do live painting? Rap? Ride a bike? Break dance? Or just generally reclaim the streets with us?!

Tell us here!  Write to Drake (finn) at apostrophe@resist.ca – Of course, everyone is welcome to Just Show Up; but even better, tell us here what you’d like to do so we can connect and make community, share resources, and collaborate. Or, if you would like to participate but aren’t sure what you’d like to do, just write and we’ll hook you in with other folks. It is all possible. (Seriously, I’d love to hear from you, just write whatever!)

Fix Fell has come together each week since July 11th to hold community grassroots presence and blockade the entrances at the Arco/BP station at Fell and Divisadero. We are alarmed about the catastrophe in the Gulf, and disturbed by the City of San Francisco’s impotence when it comes to making the city safe for those who get around by bicycle or foot.

The situation at Fell and Divisadero is grim for those who are using less oil in their transport by biking or walking. The entrance and exit of the Arco/BP station on Fell create a truly dangerous trap for cyclists. A sustainable, long-term solution is one that places the safety of all citizens in transit above the profit of business as usual.

We hold presence to advocate for liveable streets and for a liveable world. Our city government needs to re-organize its values to make the sustainability and quality of its citizens’ lives top priority. Now faced with the worst oil spill in history, which will affect our lives far beyond the Gulf Coast, this paradigm shift has never been so necessary. With new priorities in place, the urban engineering we need on streets like Fell would be self-evident. It is because our city is no longer truly Our City that we need to hold this presence at this intersection of social problems large and small.

We need to Take Back San Francisco.

Come out for A20 !

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