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Week 12 Video: SFPD Says “Just Be Careful” on Fell Street

To clarify, the officers did not give any tickets to cyclists while I was present on Fell last Friday. They did, however, pull over several folks in the bike lane, asked for ID, and then let them go with just … Continue reading

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Tomorrow Makes a Dozen Fridays!

A20 saw big action and big promises at Fell & Divis. We are following up on both! In the promises department, we’ll report back on that promised “locked room” full of city government reps forced to take a long, hard … Continue reading

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Direct Action for the Planet this Weekend

Join Mobilization for Climate Justice West this Sunday and Monday for direct action targeting BP and Chevron. Remember, our protests at Fell and Divisadero haven’t been just about street safety, they are about oil spills and climate change that threatens … Continue reading

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Raw Testimony After Jail (Explicit)

I was one of four of our protesters held overnight last Friday after A20, and through  Saturday morning. The ugly, uncaring treatment I experienced, and watched others go through, moved me deeply. What I needed most after my release was … Continue reading

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A20 Video Coverage

As you may have noticed, besides a couple of great articles on The Square and Indymedia, there wasn’t a whole lot of mainstream media coverage of our A20 direct action, despite lots of news crews there.   So, it’s lucky we … Continue reading

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“Fix Fell Five” Arrested at Arco Bike Spill Blockade

“Bike Spill” Protest Successfully Blocks Station Entrances for 3 Hours, Demanding SF Put Human Right to Safe Streets Above Access to Cheap Oil Amidst honking horns and ringing bells of support by those passing the scene, and spontaneous acts of … Continue reading

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Video: Fell Street with Green Bike Lane (Week 9)

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This Friday 8/20/2010, 5:30 – 7:30pm, we will gather at Fell & Divisadero for the 11th consecutive Friday, after joining forces in alarm at the Gulf oil spill, and witnessing for years the death-trap for oil-free transport on this block. … Continue reading

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Why We Need Physically Separated Bikelanes

You may be wondering: What is the big hubbub? Why are we pushing for better bicycle infrastructure on Fell Street when there is already a bike lane? Your answer? Cars are giant death machines. Exhibit A: Car kills cyclist near … Continue reading

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Fix Fell goes to City Hall

A few weeks back, Fix Fell activists Josh Hart and Mags Matthews spoke at the “Make BP Pay Protest” at City Hall sponsored by District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. Local Pirate Cat Radio DJ and Louisiana native Stoo Odom relayed … Continue reading

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