DIY as the City Plays Catch Up

As we begin to see at least some improvements to Fell St. for cyclists, let us not forget that for years, grassroots bicycle activists made improvements at this location themselves that were quickly erased by the city.  Months or years later, the same improvements were often implemented by the City- who of course then took credit for coming up with such great ideas- for thousands of dollars more than it cost someone to just go out and fix it in the first place.

Case in point: the above stencils advising drivers to keep the bike lane clear- were painted by neighborhood groups a year ago, and subsequently painted over by the city.  A couple of weeks ago, the city put up a sign telling drivers to keep the bike lane clear.

Two years back, DIY activists painted the curb red to provide a place for cars to queue out of the bike lane.   The city comes along and paints over it.   Then, lo and behold they come back with a great idea to paint the curbs red and provide a waiting area for cars to line up to the left of the bike lane.

We’re not saying we don’t appreciate the efforts of the MTA.   But even with the coming green bike lane, cyclists are still going to get doored and they are still going to get cut off by cars swerving into Arco to get cheap gas.  And hundreds if not thousands of potential cyclists will be put off of riding and just continue to drive, making Fell St. less pleasant for everyone.

Join us on August 20th for another shut down party at the Arco station as we keep the pressure on to change this 1950’s traffic engineering clusterfuck.  We’ll keep coming back to Fell and Divisadero until your grandmother feels safe riding her bike from the Wiggle to the Panhandle.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and ask him what’s taking so long to build a separated bikeway between Scott and Baker on Fell St. or….I guess if you’re sick of waiting…..just DIY.

Our straight up formula: Skimp on safety measures in our deepwater drilling operation in the gulf to bring you cut rate fossil fuels, while terrorizing people who try to get around the city in carbon free ways, thus further addicting the populace to our cancer causing and climate changing products.

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