A20 Video Coverage

As you may have noticed, besides a couple of great articles on The Square and Indymedia, there wasn’t a whole lot of mainstream media coverage of our A20 direct action, despite lots of news crews there.   So, it’s lucky we have such talented videographers to bring you an account of the event.  Thanks to Janel for producing this video, and a special thanks to Marc Caswell at the SFBC for getting her fired from her job at the BABC because she helped organize these protests.  We’re happy she’s available to work with us!

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8 Responses to A20 Video Coverage

  1. drake finn says:

    Yes – as you can see in this video, there were multiple Bay Area corporate TV news stations that came out to the event with their huge cameras. While locked down, I was interviewed by CBS7, NBC, and KRON. None aired any coverage of the event. NONE. This is BLATANT evidence of the corporate priorities of local news stations. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out the kind of black-out conversations that must have happened between these reporters and the editors who decide what will be aired as “news.” Was our message dangerous to the sanctity of the car culture and oil-hugging values of these stations’ advertisers? YES.

  2. El Profe. says:

    Check out what Antanas Mockus did for bike spaces, rights and safety in Bogotá–to the containment and detriment of cars. His work was a model for the work on re-claiming the streets of Quito and other cities some colleagues did. Here is a (overly theoretical) video of him talking about:


    Also here is the first part of his bio-video, when he ran for mayor of Bogotá, after being fired from his chancellor post at the National University of Colombia, for mooning students. Check out

    And good luck!

  3. PaulC says:

    A protected bike lane protected by a concrete median won’t work on fell due to all the private home curb cuts and the need for those private autos to exit their drive ways. I believe a floating parking lane to have cars as the protective buffer would be a better choice.

    • Hi Paul, I think that driveway access is a minimal problem. How many crossings per day for each driveway? Probably not that many. When put into perspective that there are 20,000 cars a day or more on Fell St, it sort of pales in comparison. The residents who live there would obviously be aware that there is a major bikeway in front of their house and (hopefully) be cautious when crossing the bikeway. The level xings across the bikeway could also serve as access for cyclists wanting to merge to the north lane of Fell.

  4. Adam Greenfield says:

    Fantastic work to all who made it. Glad you got Sup. Mirkarimi and other great folks to join you. Your fortitude shows that persistence can make a difference. Keep going and we will join you.

    Also, great video Janel!

  5. Stuart Chuang Matthews says:

    Hi Adam,

    Who is this “we” you speak of? We could use all the help we can get ASAP 🙂

    – Stu

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