Tomorrow Makes a Dozen Fridays!

A20 saw big action and big promises at Fell & Divis. We are following up on both!

In the promises department, we’ll report back on that promised “locked room” full of city government reps forced to take a long, hard look at Fell…

As for action, we are Friday Shut Down Party-ers! And will be, until a livable Fell Street is engineered for all of us. So come out tomorrow, for our 12th consecutive Friday presence, 5:30-7:30pm. We would Love to meet you. Add your voice and vision to the movement for a livable San Francisco!

Questions or just want to make contact before showing up? E-mail Drake at

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2 Responses to Tomorrow Makes a Dozen Fridays!

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    • drake finn says:

      Okay, I’m alright with “kooky” sometimes. But just to clarify, what we’re working for is the human right to travel safely around our city. And I don’t think it’s kooky either to re-define safe travel as oil-free travel, when oil-dependence is having such disastrous consequences right now.

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