Week 12 Video: SFPD Says “Just Be Careful” on Fell Street

To clarify, the officers did not give any tickets to cyclists while I was present on Fell last Friday. They did, however, pull over several folks in the bike lane, asked for ID, and then let them go with just warnings to be careful, or if they’d turned left on the red at Scott onto Fell, a warning that they need to stop on red. If anyone has info on officers enforcing car traffic on that block (which we haven’t seen, nor heard about), let us know!

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2 Responses to Week 12 Video: SFPD Says “Just Be Careful” on Fell Street

  1. Will Henderson says:

    I got a ticket for turning left on red there, just now.

    • drake finn says:

      I’m sorry to hear that! To have cops patrolling that intersection is suuuuch a gross misappropriation of city resources – when we’ve neither heard of nor seen any enforcement for motor vehicles poorly interacting with the bike lane at Fell and Divis. Gross misappropriation and further evidence of the same city priorities that mean cyclists need to swerve all over the place just to ride safely past the Arco station…

      Thanks for writing, though, Will. Hope it stays an isolated incident…

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