SLOWdown: Free Tea and Chillout on Fell for PARK(ing) Day

SLOWdown! with Fix Fell next Friday, September 17th, all day for PARK(ing) Day…

We’re serving FREE TEA – chai and a variety of herbals to choose from, BYOC! (Bring Yer Own Cup). And we’re serving CHILLOUT – in the form of music, + our parking-space lounge with lots of comfort to park your person in, + a chance to hang out with the folks of Fix Fell and other groups working for livable streets in San Francisco (more soon on this).

Experience a haven of livable Fell Street within the current traffic craze… we’re hosting a small DIY piece of what we’re calling for on Fell: a physically separated, green bikeway, connecting the Wiggle to the Panhandle. Safe enough you could carry yer cup o’ tea on yer bike and not get hassled by motor vehicles… because there’d be landscaping protecting you! (see our Fix Fell Platform)

Leave a comment here or email drake at if you’d like to contribute or collaborate for Park(ing) Day!

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4 Responses to SLOWdown: Free Tea and Chillout on Fell for PARK(ing) Day

  1. Dawn Runs Amok says:

    Great work!
    I gave you folks a bump:

  2. Concerned Neighbor says:

    I understand you may not have jobs which is why you’re able to sit on the street in the middle of the day on a Friday, but many of us have jobs and work places where we need cars to get to them. Coming home Friday night and seeing you taking up multiple parking spaces when we’ve worked 50 hour weeks and have been driving around 30+ minutes searching for just one makes you look like assholes. You want green space? Try Golden Gate park. You live in a city, there are cars, deal with it. If you don’t like it move back to the suburbs.

  3. Stuart Chuang Matthews says:

    Hi Concerned Neighbor,

    Thanks for stopping by our site. I’d like to address your comment.

    All of us do have jobs. For instance, I work as a systems administrator for a local civil liberties organization. My wife works as a physical therapist. We all cram in our activist work into our already incredibly busy schedules because we think that it is extremely important.

    We all also ride our bikes to work. So we don’t require such a large amount of space to store our vehicles. I’d also like to ask you why you feel that we should use our public space to store your private property.

    We believe that streets should not just be for people driving cars to get from point A to point B, and they shouldn’t just be for storing those cars. They should be for multiple forms of transportation, like trains, bikes, walking, and a small amount of cars. They should also be beautiful and places where neighbors talk to each other and where children can play.

    We won’t move back to the suburbs, because this is our home. We aim to make San Francisco a better place to live.

    Again, thanks for commenting on our blog. I am not sure if you are going to check this post again to see my response, so I am emailing it to you as well. Oh, and please refrain from calling us “assholes;” it doesn’t bode well for the health of your argument.

    – Stuart Chuang Matthews

  4. Stuart Chuang Matthews says:

    Surprise surprise – the email to Concerned Citizen bounced. Invalid email address. That combined with the fact that they didn’t provide their name makes you wonder why they insist on being anonymous with their relatively mild comment.

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