How’s That Green Bike Lane Working Out? – Part Deux

We thought it would be important to set the record straight on the current state of Fell Street. The SFBC has issued a cheery statement with regards to the recent striping/paint changes:

What we’re seeing is that the green (bike lane) seems to really be making a difference, it looks like cars are really observing the bike space much more.
– Renee Rivera, Interim Executive Director, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

While we are pleased that the SFBC is talking about this problem street, we feel compelled to make sure the situation is portrayed accurately. Since the SFBC is by far the largest bicycle advocacy organization in the entire Bay Area, their words carry a lot of weight. And rightfully so, as the SFBC has done a lot of excellent work for cycling in San Francisco. So the video below is meant to set the record straight – the current Fell Street design is still not acceptable. We’d love to have direct dialogue and even cooperation and collaboration with the SFBC to tackle this important problem together.

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