Fix Fell Protest Update

Fix Fell members are dealing with the legal aftermath of making Fell St. a safer place

We’ve been asked a few times lately, “Hey I rode by Fell and Divis and you guys weren’t there.  Have you given up the protests?”  It is true that our weekly protests have tailed off now.   The days are getting shorter, and many of us are dealing with the legal aftermath of standing up to a system that prioritizes the movement of machines over human health and safety, and corporate profit over the  health of the environment.

Also, to be honest, the corner of Fell and Divisadero Streets is a pretty miserable place to spend a Friday evening.  Air pollution, danger, and the constant threat of being assaulted by the psychotic station owner.   We all have better things to do.

But for 14 weeks starting June 11 , people from the community came out and held a vigil every Friday to protest the gap in the cycling network on Fell between Scott and Baker Streets, demanding that the city take street safety seriously, and adopt our platform for a more livable Fell St.

We held a couple of raucous protest parties where we shut down Arco’s Fell St. entrances- on June 11th for a dance party and August 20th when we held a ‘bike spill’.  On August 20th, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi stopped by and told the assembled crowd that he would “get the bureaucrats in a room and not let them leave until they find a solution for Fell St.”  We await a report of that meeting and will post news on this website when we receive it.

Over the course of the last 5 months, there have been nearly a dozen arrests and citations of regular people simply fed up with the system, taking a peaceful stand.  Over $1000 in fines are looming now- if you have the resources we ask that you donate- even a little goes a long way to keep the movement going. Please e-mail Mags, our treasurer- if you can help out.  Her e-mail address is: margaret[dot]chuang[at]gmail[dot]com

Even though we are not at the Arco station in person every Friday, like many of you we are still riding through. And we are adamant in demanding that the wiggle route be extended to Golden Gate Park in a safe and dignified way- that people walking or cycling should not have to risk being doored in high speed traffic just to get across the City.

Fix Fell continues to work on the issues behind the scenes,  reaching out to public officials and community organizations to make changes in the design of our public spaces.  We are planning a renewed push for change in the new year (to coincide with April 20th, the one year anniversary of the BP spill- stay tuned) and of course we continue to support grassroots activism and civil disobedience and encourage others to do the same.

The status quo is not an option.

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2 Responses to Fix Fell Protest Update

  1. supportive neighbor says:

    I wish to voice my support of your having demonstrated and taken a stand to make this short stretch of a major bike route safer for all. Thank you for publicly pointing out the perils of our society’s unsustainable fossil fuel addiction. Although I don’t fault the owner of the gas station and think that the owner was possibly caught in a bad position, your campaign certainly raised awareness of the need to improve S.F.’s bike infrastructure – particularly along the car clogged Fell Street thoroughfare. Thank you.

  2. guest says:

    The law. Who would have thought that would get in your way? Hope you enjoy taking responsibility for your actions.

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