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More Promising Words

First, we’d like to welcome Leah Shahum of the SFBC back to San Francisco. We are happy to have her back in the leadership position at the SFBC and look forward to working with her. Secondly, we’d like to point … Continue reading

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For Fuck’s Sake, Fix Fell, Fix Masonic!

Our city officials that have not acted for years have blood on their hands. When streets are designed in this way, to allow motorized traffic to move at high speeds, the consequences are known and accepted ahead of time. We … Continue reading

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How’s That Green Bike Lane Working Out? – Part Deux

We thought it would be important to set the record straight on the current state of Fell Street. The SFBC has issued a cheery statement with regards to the recent striping/paint changes: What we’re seeing is that the green (bike … Continue reading

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How to Drive (More) Responsibly

Driving responsibly – it is a bit of an oxymoron. When you’re piloting a 1.5-ton vehicle through residential neighborhoods at almost any speed, you’re risking the lives of pedestrians and cyclists. When driving your vehicle on the freeway at anywhere … Continue reading

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How Many Have to Die?

This story isn’t about Fell Street. Rather, it is about Any Street, San Francisco. One pedestrian dead, one on life support in separate incidents. Here’s the thing. People make mistakes. That is inevitable. What isn’t inevitable is for those mistakes … Continue reading

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Direct Action for the Planet this Weekend

Join Mobilization for Climate Justice West this Sunday and Monday for direct action targeting BP and Chevron. Remember, our protests at Fell and Divisadero haven’t been just about street safety, they are about oil spills and climate change that threatens … Continue reading

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Why We Need Physically Separated Bikelanes

You may be wondering: What is the big hubbub? Why are we pushing for better bicycle infrastructure on Fell Street when there is already a bike lane? Your answer? Cars are giant death machines. Exhibit A: Car kills cyclist near … Continue reading

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