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Discussion: Josh Hart on What’s Wrong with the Intersection of Scott and Fell and How to Fix It

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Fix Fell Protest Update

We’ve been asked a few times lately, “Hey I rode by Fell and Divis and you guys weren’t there.  Have you given up the protests?”  It is true that our weekly protests have tailed off now.   The days are getting … Continue reading

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A20 Video Coverage

As you may have noticed, besides a couple of great articles on The Square and Indymedia, there wasn’t a whole lot of mainstream media coverage of our A20 direct action, despite lots of news crews there.   So, it’s lucky we … Continue reading

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“Fix Fell Five” Arrested at Arco Bike Spill Blockade

“Bike Spill” Protest Successfully Blocks Station Entrances for 3 Hours, Demanding SF Put Human Right to Safe Streets Above Access to Cheap Oil Amidst honking horns and ringing bells of support by those passing the scene, and spontaneous acts of … Continue reading

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SF Losing Face as NYC Shows Us Up

Ninth Ave. Before: looks a lot like Fell does today- multiple lanes of speeding traffic.   What does Grandma say when you suggest she ride her bike on this street? Ninth Ave. After: The same street after NYC DOT improvements- Grandma … Continue reading

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Green Bike Lanes: We’re On the Way but Not There Yet!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joshua Hart,  joshuanoahhart[at]gmail[dot]com August 3, 2010 GRASSROOTS GROUP WINS GREEN BIKE LANE ON FELL STREET Weekly direct action protests by ‘Fix Fell’ get City’s attention SAN FRANCISCO- Responding to weeks of protests and direct action by … Continue reading

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DIY as the City Plays Catch Up

As we begin to see at least some improvements to Fell St. for cyclists, let us not forget that for years, grassroots bicycle activists made improvements at this location themselves that were quickly erased by the city.  Months or years … Continue reading

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Week 5: First Arrest Photos II

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Week 5: First Arrest Photos, Part I

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Week 4: Police Issue Citations and Throw Protester to the Ground

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