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Discussion: Josh Hart on What’s Wrong with the Intersection of Scott and Fell and How to Fix It

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How to Drive (More) Responsibly

Driving responsibly – it is a bit of an oxymoron. When you’re piloting a 1.5-ton vehicle through residential neighborhoods at almost any speed, you’re risking the lives of pedestrians and cyclists. When driving your vehicle on the freeway at anywhere … Continue reading

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What Fell Street Could Look Like

To help us visualize just how awesome an improved Fell Street could be for everyone in the City, I wanted to post a couple of short Streetfilms to help us see that San Francisco’s problems of malignant street design are … Continue reading

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Week 12 Video: SFPD Says “Just Be Careful” on Fell Street

To clarify, the officers did not give any tickets to cyclists while I was present on Fell last Friday. They did, however, pull over several folks in the bike lane, asked for ID, and then let them go with just … Continue reading

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A20 Video Coverage

As you may have noticed, besides a couple of great articles on The Square and Indymedia, there wasn’t a whole lot of mainstream media coverage of our A20 direct action, despite lots of news crews there.   So, it’s lucky we … Continue reading

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SF Losing Face as NYC Shows Us Up

Ninth Ave. Before: looks a lot like Fell does today- multiple lanes of speeding traffic.   What does Grandma say when you suggest she ride her bike on this street? Ninth Ave. After: The same street after NYC DOT improvements- Grandma … Continue reading

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Green Bike Lanes: We’re On the Way but Not There Yet!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joshua Hart,  joshuanoahhart[at]gmail[dot]com August 3, 2010 GRASSROOTS GROUP WINS GREEN BIKE LANE ON FELL STREET Weekly direct action protests by ‘Fix Fell’ get City’s attention SAN FRANCISCO- Responding to weeks of protests and direct action by … Continue reading

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Week 7 Video: San Franciscans Look at Fell Street

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