Fix Fell Platform

New York City Shows What's Possible on a Major Arterial: Ninth Avenue in Manhattan

As you probably are aware by now, in general we are advocating for safe conditions on San Francisco’s arterial streets.  Long term, that will mean returning Fell and Oak Streets to civilized, two way thoroughfares.

In the short term, the minimum the city must do is the following:

-close motor vehicle access to/ from Scott St. at Fell to eliminate danger from speeding cars down the hill and left turning conflict.   Allow full permeability for people on foot and bicycle.

-remove approx 36 parking spaces along the south side of Fell St. between Scott and Baker to provide safe, separated space for bicycle circulation.  If local n’hood opposition is an issue, investigate use of DMV lot for residents in evenings to compensate.

-DPW take action to revoke Fell St. driveway permits to both the 76 and Arco stations based on documented safety impacts- both businesses would retain an ingress and egress on Divisadero

-prohibit left turns from Fell St. onto Divisadero or provide separate signal phase

-Undertake turn volume and safety studies to determine potential conflicts between tow company and supermarket parking entrances and bicycle circulation.  Shut these entrances if minimum safety standards are not met

-Prohibit left turns onto Baker, or install separate phase

-construct an attractive, two way bikeway on the south side of Fell St. between Scott and Baker, with possible extension along Panhandle to GGP, buffered with landscaping.

We hope you will give us feedback on this platform, and support these efforts by contacting the Mayor and your supervisor, and getting involved with our ongoing protests!

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