Week 12 Video: SFPD Says “Just Be Careful” on Fell Street

To clarify, the officers did not give any tickets to cyclists while I was present on Fell last Friday. They did, however, pull over several folks in the bike lane, asked for ID, and then let them go with just warnings to be careful, or if they’d turned left on the red at Scott onto Fell, a warning that they need to stop on red. If anyone has info on officers enforcing car traffic on that block (which we haven’t seen, nor heard about), let us know!

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Tomorrow Makes a Dozen Fridays!

A20 saw big action and big promises at Fell & Divis. We are following up on both!

In the promises department, we’ll report back on that promised “locked room” full of city government reps forced to take a long, hard look at Fell…

As for action, we are Friday Shut Down Party-ers! And will be, until a livable Fell Street is engineered for all of us. So come out tomorrow, for our 12th consecutive Friday presence, 5:30-7:30pm. We would Love to meet you. Add your voice and vision to the movement for a livable San Francisco!

Questions or just want to make contact before showing up? E-mail Drake at apostrophe@resist.ca

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Direct Action for the Planet this Weekend

Join Mobilization for Climate Justice West this Sunday and Monday for direct action targeting BP and Chevron.

Remember, our protests at Fell and Divisadero haven’t been just about street safety, they are about oil spills and climate change that threatens life on our planet. I don’t know if any of us would have been willing to risk arrest if it were just about street safety, as important as that is.

So, get plugged in and make us proud!

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Raw Testimony After Jail (Explicit)

I was one of four of our protesters held overnight last Friday after A20, and through  Saturday morning. The ugly, uncaring treatment I experienced, and watched others go through, moved me deeply. What I needed most after my release was to write about my experiences, uncensored. So here I share with you my Raw Testimony After Jail.

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A20 Video Coverage

As you may have noticed, besides a couple of great articles on The Square and Indymedia, there wasn’t a whole lot of mainstream media coverage of our A20 direct action, despite lots of news crews there.   So, it’s lucky we have such talented videographers to bring you an account of the event.  Thanks to Janel for producing this video, and a special thanks to Marc Caswell at the SFBC for getting her fired from her job at the BABC because she helped organize these protests.  We’re happy she’s available to work with us!

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“Fix Fell Five” Arrested at Arco Bike Spill Blockade

“Bike Spill” Protest Successfully Blocks Station Entrances for 3 Hours, Demanding SF Put Human Right to Safe Streets Above Access to Cheap Oil

Amidst honking horns and ringing bells of support by those passing the scene, and spontaneous acts of resistance throughout the evening, activists calling for a safe Wiggle bicycle route from downtown to Golden Gate Park successfully shut down the Fell St. entrances of the Arco (BP) station for about 3 hours on Friday evening in an action calling attention to oil spills, catastrophic climate change, and the unsafe streets that keep us hooked on fossil fuels.  Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi spoke to the assembled crowd of about 100 people and pledged to throw his full political weight behind a separated bicycle path for Fell St. and closure of the gas station entrances.  A total of five protesters were arrested after u-locks around their necks were sawed off by firefighters, sending sparks into the air.  As of 9am Saturday morning, all but one remain held at County jail, 850 Bryant.

Protests have been held by the group Fix Fell every week since June 11th at the corner of Fell and Divisadero in San Francisco. The growing grassroots movement has a simple demand- that the City of San Francisco shut the Fell St. gas station entrances, build a separated bicycle path along Fell, and place the safety of all road users above free parking and convenient access to cheap gasoline.

While the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) recently painted the existing Fell St. bike lanes green, the conflicts between cars lining up for cheap gas at the Arco station and people riding home along the city’s only level east-west bicycle corridor continue, as documented in the latest video on the group’s website.

Drake Logan, a former Florida Gulf Coast resident who was arrested yesterday, says: “We will not forget about BP’s devastating crime in the Gulf, amidst false reports that the oil has somehow ‘disappeared.’  This spill is a warning of what is to come if we continue to bury our heads in the sand in the face of climate change.  We need to re-prioritize our city, so that people can choose to use less oil.  Bike lanes that encourage people to ride in the door zone are no longer acceptable when getting ‘doored’ is the single largest cause of injury to cyclists in the City.”

A growing number of SF residents- including those who regularly fill up at the station- are calling for the Fell St. gas station entrances to be closed, setting the stage for a new, safe, separated greenway connecting the “Wiggle” bike route with the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park.  Urgent calls for a safe network for cyclists in San Francisco have intensified following the murder of 21-year-old German tourist Nils Linke last Friday night on nearby Masonic St. by Joshua Calder, a drunk driver.

Stuart Matthews, an IT professional who was arrested on Friday, says: “San Francisco residents have had a vision of a safe, green, landscaped corridor across the City for decades.   As climate change worsens, oil spills foul our country’s shores, and our transportation policies routinely take innocent life, we need to take a closer look at how we treat non-motorized users of our roadways, and provide green, humane streets that are safe for everyone.”

Raw, unedited video footage of the protest-posted 2:20am Saturday morning- here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A5vKsK_mZo

Indymedia Coverage: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2010/08/21/18656470.php

Check back for further news updates and video coverage.

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Video: Fell Street with Green Bike Lane (Week 9)

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This Friday 8/20/2010, 5:30 – 7:30pm, we will gather at Fell & Divisadero for the 11th consecutive Friday, after joining forces in alarm at the Gulf oil spill, and witnessing for years the death-trap for oil-free transport on this block.

We will bring a more livable street to life, within the unlivable chaos of Fell Street, for these two hours! We will decorate the street with our bodies, our signs, our bikes, oh my. There will be…

TALKS! by our organizers on the issues that bring us out here every week.

MUSIC! A very special radical playlist pumped out by a very special radical sound system, plus LIVE music by Joan Cerqueiro and Musik for Your Teeth (MSK). HIGHLY DANCEABLE.

+ DIRECT ACTION… of an extremely flashy clanky subversive nature.

A20 gets the goods. Come join us.

Qs? E-mail apostrophe@resist.ca, or leave a comment here.

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Why We Need Physically Separated Bikelanes

Photo by Krakow Bicycles

You may be wondering: What is the big hubbub? Why are we pushing for better bicycle infrastructure on Fell Street when there is already a bike lane?

Your answer? Cars are giant death machines. Exhibit A: Car kills cyclist near USF

And on more of a nit-picky note (but still important), it would be nice if journalists started saying “Motorist kills cyclist” instead of “Car kills cyclist.” You don’t see headlines like “Knife kills pedestrian” or “Gun kills young man,” do you?

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Fix Fell goes to City Hall

A few weeks back, Fix Fell activists Josh Hart and Mags Matthews spoke at the “Make BP Pay Protest” at City Hall sponsored by District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.

Local Pirate Cat Radio DJ and Louisiana native Stoo Odom relayed news from his family and passed a fresh tar ball from the Gulf Coast shoreline to the audience.

Thank you Fred Jardin for inviting us to participate!

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